New sensor technology makes planTection an all-in-one system

The cooperation with METER Group AG enables usto provide a wide range of compatible sensors for digital irrigation management with planTection.

Do you already use sensors in your irrigation system? Is the information scattered across different systems and not interconnected? It has never been easier to install a digital irrigation system with sensor technologyor to modernise an existing system, because the product range of planTection has been expanded with compatible sensor technology. For optimal use of the planTection irrigation system, your field should be equipped with sensors, which you can now also obtain from us. As always with the aspect of making irrigation management as simple as possible, that’s why the sensors are also based on the Plug & Play principle.

For weather data measurement, we offer aweather station that measures humidity and temperature, vapour pressure, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, precipitation, lightning frequency and distance. This combines 12 climate sensors in one unit. The temperature sensor can also give you a good idea of how things are in your field, because it not only measures the temperature, but also the vapour pressure, humidity and air pressure. Together with our field module, it also serves as a precise instrument for activating frost irrigation. The anemometeris a sensitive sensor for wind direction and speed with a wind speed threshold of 0 m/s and a resolution of 0.01 m/s.

Because soils can absorb and store water differently, the ideal irrigation can vary even in the smallest spaces. In order to irrigate economically and in an environmentally friendly way, sensors for evaluating the capacity and moisture of the soil are very useful. The matrix potential sensor measures the soil water potential and the soil temperature with a 6 point calibrated measuring range. The tensiometer, on the other hand, measures the soil water suction tension and the soil temperature. A barometric reference sensor is only required for the tensiometer.

With theleaf wetness sensor data, you are informed about the water content and the presence of ice on the leaves. The sensor simulates a leaf and helps you detect leaf and plant diseases in time, so you know when you need fungicides to save your crop.

All sensors we offer are of course compatible with the planTection irrigation system. This sends you real-time notifications(SMS; PUSH or E-MAIL) when flexible limit values are exceeded, which you can enter yourself.

Set sensor limits in the planTection app

You can then react directly via the planTection app. The system is so perfectly adapted to your field, your ideas and natural factors such as the weather. With the flexible source of information and the possibility to act immediately via the app that the planTection system gives you, your plants will be better protected against frost, diseases, drought and overwatering in the future.

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