FruitAdapt – innovation network membership

We are pleased to be a member of the “FruitAdapt” competence network of EurA AG. Founded in 2021, its central theme is the consequences of global climate change for fruit growing in Germany. The climatic change will bring great challenges. While warmer summer months with higher temperatures offer new potential for the cultivation of new fruit species, the equally resulting droughts and heavy rainfall events cannot be ignored. Increased problems with new plant diseases and pests are also challenging the industry to adapt current farming methods to ensure the crop can continue to be harvested.

The focus of the network is “the development of innovative technologies for the optimal adaptation of fruit growing to progressive climate change.” Here, with our digital irrigation control system from planTection, we bring valuable expert knowledge in demand-based irrigation to the network. In addition, we hope that the exchange will lead to further innovative approaches to optimizing the adaptations in fruit growing that are in demand as a result of climate change.

The network was launched in 2021 and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Central Innovation Program for SMEs. In addition to planTection, about 15 other companies from various fields are members, as well as some scientific institutions and operators in fruit growing.

We look forward to a strategic exchange and the prospect of exciting research projects. More information about the FruitAdapt network is available here: